Coinciding with both QuakeCon 2011 and the release of Brink’s first DLC, Steam has started a free weekend for Splash Damage’s parkour shooter. Spotted by Eurogamer, the offer has already started, and continues until Sunday evening,

giving players a chance to experience the multiplayer shooter free of charge. The new Agents of Change DLC is included as well, which gives players a broader range of abilities, attachments and costumes, as well as two new maps to try out.


During this period Brink is also on sale for 50% of its regular price, meaning you can get the game (along with the currently free DLC) for just £14.99. The deal comes as part of a celebration for QuakeCon 2011, which began yesterday and has already brought us an impressive new Rage trailer. On top of this, a number of other sales and deals are popping up for Bethesda games over the next couple of days. discuss in forums


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