The faces of nervousENER­GY
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Come and see the folk who make nervousENERGY what it is today.. Yup you can blame each and every one of   >:D
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Player Dos
I'm cool
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Posted by MikeChilds
Feb 29, 2012
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Posted by MikeChilds
Apr 10, 2011
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Posted by Ferret
Mar 29, 2011
LC and Friend
Pieces of eight!
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Posted by LooseCannon
Jun 12, 2005
Well, what can i say, I'm Lykaios and play main scout for nervousENERGY Blu team. I have been with the nervousENERGY team since the UT2k4 days (Mid 2006) playing onslaught and Team Arena Master. I have then moved over to Team Fortress 2 when UT3 was massive fail and didn't give any benefits to the c…
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Posted by Lykaios
Nov 06, 2010
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Posted by frymaster
Nov 06, 2010
Hey Man,I am a member of Nervous Energy and I play Sniper.I have been in the ne fold for a few years .It's that long ago that Humbug,0skillz,Scummm,Henchie and I are the only names still around from the TF2 squad.Damn that makes me feel old unlike my picture wich was taken when i was about 25…
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Posted by D*punk
Oct 03, 2010
Hey folks, I'm around this place for quite a few days now and play for .:ne:. as a black scottesh cyclops, now in team Black. Main interests include biking, Scotch and Oktoberfest, but aren't limited to these 3  ;). I'm always up for a laugh and will start studying english after my A-Levels in March…
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Posted by Peacekeeper
Sep 17, 2010
I'm well known around here for folding teams and being a div1 lan dodger. Apart from that I'm 19 (soon) and I look like a baby. :3
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Posted by lolage
Sep 17, 2010
Hey Man,I have been in the ne fold for a few years now(minus a little blip).It's that long ago that Humbug and I are the only names still around from the old TF2 squad.Damn that makes me feel old.Live long and prosper.
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Posted by henchie
Apr 26, 2009
I play demo for nervousENERGY Blu ( some might say not too well lol ) and i'm also a community leader.  I suppose i should put some funny comment here but can't think of anything atm apart from  .. tirrel is writing the stack for IP7 ;)
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Sep 15, 2010
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