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Title: BF4 how is it???
Post by: Zeus on December 27, 2013, 14:07:29 PM
Hi folks

BFBC2 was and still is a awesome game and great fun to play

BF3 was a spam feast at best with EA messing around with lag for the players with slower PCs. Could of tolerated the spam if it wasn't for the poor pings killing the game play

So How does BF4 Play

So how is BF4 does it have the fun of BFBC2 with the graphics of BF3, just don't want to pay £40- £60 to be spammed to dead

and putting great or shit isn't an answer  ::)

Title: Re: BF4 how is it???
Post by: ThEGr33k on December 27, 2013, 23:45:34 PM
I guess we covered the basics on mumble but basically yea, OK/good game, better than BF3 but only a tad. Still some Lag issues but I rage less often as the issues are less common.

There are some servers that even with the same ping seem to behave very different. For example, the Scan forums server doesn't work at all well for me, I run around corners and often die before the person shooting me is even on the screen. Then there is Corsair servers where I run around the corners and kill them while just taking some damage. Not always but it seems more fair to me!

Maps aren't the best, I still love the Arica harbour map in BC2 and there are none that I enjoy as much as I did that one.

All in worth a go imo but not perfect. At least 99% of crashes are fixed now!!!
Title: Re: BF4 how is it???
Post by: Zeus on December 28, 2013, 09:12:34 AM
Thanks for the input greeky m8. Think I will play some BFBC2 for a while then BF3 again to get back into things as it has been over a year since I played, so the games will be quite freash again. When I get bored of them or have trouble finding severs will get BF4 then  ;)