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Massively Multiplayer Games / Okay, I'm finally in EuroWoW...
« on: June 09, 2011, 17:46:21 PM »
And patched enough so that I could possibly play (at least in this trial version) without my computer yelling at me like an unpaid hooker.

So what server are you guys on, and what would you be needing in terms of support? I heal better than I tank, and I tank better than I DPS (on good days anyways).

I played runescape

After a bit of truncation....

You did WHAT?! :P Just kidding

I did nothing!


... do you have any idea how much the therapy for that poor goldfish is going to cost...?

So finally, I am downloading the EU launcher in order to lend my healy assistance to you lovable peoples in the Outland EU server.

... god damn it. >.<

... ... (was all Evo's fault.)

Games nE Play / Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
« on: June 07, 2011, 16:32:29 PM »
Everything you loved about Oblivion (GOTY), with all of the epicness of dragons. I can't wait for that shit.

Team Fortress 2 / Re: My saxxy entries!
« on: June 03, 2011, 14:15:03 PM »
Votes are in for you. And that music is awesome!

General Chat / Re: The Future of nervousENERGY
« on: June 02, 2011, 21:23:56 PM »
In relation to the overall design, look & feel of the Website, well as you might be able to work out from the brief glimpse this has actually been worked out & we have started to implement stuff

In relation to specific help well atm I do need help with content for certain areas and would really appreciate help in this area, I shall make a thread once I work out the finer details so to give a structure behind what I need to make it easier for people

Go Zofo! Work out details! Make life easier! *cheer!*

I would pay to watch a larger woman sit on a birthday cake, particularly if it's one of those cakes where you can get a photo of my face printed on it.
Other food stuffs I'd pay to watch being sat upon: Jelly (not lime, ice cream optional), calzone or any other rolled food including yule logs or a savory pie.

I've heard of that, actually. Mostly guys like sweet stuff and then (if possible) the girl to sit on them after they sit on <food item here>. TY for your input, Pie :)

I don't understand the question  :P

Well you see, when a man pays a woman to- Oh, wait, wrong question. :P

General Chat / Re: The Future of nervousENERGY
« on: June 02, 2011, 21:04:56 PM »
Anomoly- L. O. L.

Evoroth- Oh? That sounds simpler... maybe. :/

No I most certainly would not pay to watch that. Firstly, I would rather spend my money on other things (that I consider to be more constructive) and secondly because I wouldn't like to see a large girl doing that.

I am curious though, what made you ask the question in the first place? Is it something you are considering doing? Is this just an experiment to see how people respond?

Experiment. I wanted a group of people, (non Americans was a bonus, as most Americans are extremely biased in their female tastes, though you could say that about anyone potentially), to see if they consider doing this, if they would, would not, and why. Thank god this isn't for a university thesis or I'd have some explaining to do XD

General Chat / Re: The Future of nervousENERGY
« on: June 02, 2011, 20:58:38 PM »
I've been reading over this thread and I'd teach myself to do podcasts, or I could write game blogs/tutorials/other game related things if you needed more content creators. Or just point and say "Do this." I'm flexible XD

Rule #34 is free and everything is always a copy of a copy of a copy so if its the actual monetary incentive I'd suggest something else; if it's for any other reason - fu*k it do whatever the hell you want :D

I LOVE it :D

Is the importance of the question that she's "big"? Cause I wouldn't pay to see a skinny girl either, enough free stuff to go around :P

Fair enough, ty! :D

Just to add, she's looking for stupid people, we all know porn is free, because we're integlegent.

Wrong place to ask a question you want stupid people to answer.

Ask Tumblr.

Judging from the responses I've received, it would appear I didn't come to a bad place at all. But thank you very much for your input. :)

To be fair, that sort of thing is available for free if you look for it.

Agreed, completely, I even know where to find some of it :P But again, this is simply for informational purposes. "Would you..." sort of thing.

Getting mixed responses, so it looks like half would, half wouldn't.

Again, thank you all for your input, I really appreciate it. *mass hugs*

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