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Grand Theft Auto 5
« on: April 10, 2015, 19:40:29 PM »
So we’ve only got 3ish days to go until GTA V’s release and I know several NE members have already ordered the game, I thought I’d throw up a quick forum post to help you guys out.

Firstly, the game is being released on Tuesday 14th at midnight (that’s Monday night/Tuesday morning midnight.)

Secondly you will need a Rockstar social club account to log in. I’m sure most of us have one from GTA IV or Max Pane but, if you don’t already have one, you’ll probably want to make one sooner rather than later. Once you have made an account please join our online crew -
Being part of the crew informs you when other crew members are online, lets you use our team emblem (Sorry, I tried to make it but it sucks) and rank up through our crew rankings online.  We can also customise the names of the crew ranks, pose, colour etc. Let me know if you have any fun suggestions.

Anybody who had pre-ordered will get lots of nice money in the game (I believe it’s split 500k single player and 700k multiplayer unless you pre-ordered a while ago – if you did, you’ll get more!

I’ve been preparing for the game for a while and have set several things up:
For a start, anybody who is a ‘returning’ player will get themselves some nice things including the exclusive hatchet melee weapon. To be a returning player one must have played through the prologue (opening mission) on any previous version of GTA V whilst logged into their social club account. I picked up a cheap copy of GTA V for PS3 and borrowed a friend’s PS3. It took a few hours but I’m happy.

Also there is a smartphone app – iFruit - that allows you to do some other exclusive things such as making custom car license plates and training up your dog ‘Chop’ for single player. Anybody who is dedicated can unlock a gold collar for the dog as well (Worth it, I’m sure!)

Aside from the mentioned, I have been following this game very closely for about two years so I know a fair amount. Feel free to ask any questions because I’m sure I’ve missed stuff people will want to know. I’ll add to the top post if we need it.


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Re: Grand Theft Auto 5
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2015, 08:02:00 AM »
Rockstar are banning anyone who mods GTA 5. :(