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Title: Hints and tips
Post by: Monkeh on August 08, 2013, 11:22:18 AM
Any nice little hints or tips can go in here. I'll start.

When trying to line up with your target on the navball before a maneuver and your ship is slightly cow like, taking a while to move or stop moving, if you warp time exactly as you hit the target then it will stop moving instantly and you're good to go. Saves me a lot of messing around swinging back and forth. Damn you momentum!
Title: Re: Hints and tips
Post by: Monkeh on August 26, 2013, 18:10:39 PM
Kerbals on EVA can sprint holding down Shift. I killed one on Laythe by sprinting up a hill and time warping at x4. He waddled along for ages and then disappeared in a puff.

I lol'd.
Title: Re: Hints and tips
Post by: Monkeh on September 03, 2013, 13:01:34 PM
When using maneuver nodes split the estimated burn time in half and start the burn at t- (half the full burn). This will give you a more accurate burn.

The maneuver node shows what will happen if you INSTANTLY acquire the delta 'v' at that point. Burning half in front and half behind will simulate that more accurately than starting the burn at t-0.
Title: Re: Hints and tips
Post by: Monkeh on September 03, 2013, 13:16:21 PM
We all want to use the nuclear engines when in the vacuum of space. The ISP in vacuum of those engines is over twice that of any other engine. This means they will use half the fuel of another engine to achieve the same change in velocity. (Not quite though as they are MUCH heavier).

So let's say you wanted a cluster of these engines on a fat fuel tank for ridiculous amounts of delta 'v', you stack them in in a 3 or 4, add a decoupler to the bottom and away you go...

It all seems to be going well until you try to use them. You decouple. Fine. You start the engines and as the fairings get blown away they rip the engines they were there to protect away and leave you floating like a lemon exposed to a little too much radiation. Is this fixable? Well yes, yes it is.

This was making me so mad, everything I did, the fairings would blow the engines off, (filthy gits!), and I'd be left floating aimlessly.

How did I fix it I hear you ask. Careful positioning of the engines in respect to rotation.

Imagine a 4 part adaptor with the fuel and engines in place. Add the decoupler. Now then, rotate the engine until the seam of the fairing is facing along the line of corner. Hmm, how to describe this better.

Think of a quincunx, (the pattern of the dots on a '5' side of a dice), and then make the seams line up with a line going from the outer dots to the inner one, so they point outwards and make an 'X'.

I'll post a screeny later of what I mean, but it means no more engine drop offs and a whole lot of extra design options. Cool.
Title: Re: Hints and tips
Post by: Monkeh on September 03, 2013, 13:31:08 PM
Action groups are cool.

You'll see a little blue box in the VAB at the top, next to the 'parts' tab and the 'assign kerbals' tab. If you click it a long list pops up. Click on the first custom tab and another box opens on the right. Now, if you left click a part on your ship, say landing legs, lights, solar panels, docking ports or whatever, then you will be able to choose what happens to them when you start the action group.

So you want your solar panels to open, landing legs to extend, lights to come on and your docking port to decouple. All you do is click each part in turn and click on the desired option that pops up. Now when you press '1', for custom 1, '2' for custom 2 etc, all the actions in that action group will be carried out.

No more searching for solar panels on your ship to right click and then missing the maneuver node because of it. Good times.