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Title: [READ] Recruitment and About the Guild
Post by: Evoroth on April 24, 2011, 21:19:43 PM
(< nervousENERGY >( (

are a social PvE guild with an aim to be THE EU guild to join to progress yourself within SWTOR amongst friends.

Website: (

Time zone: GMT (UK)

: 18+ (Most current members are 20s-30s.)

(* * * * *(

Our founding members, combining a collective 20 years+ experience in MMO's, come from a well-established multi-gaming community (FPS, RTS, MMO, you name it!) and will be founding our guild based on the same principles that make our community so successful. Some of us are hardened MMO veterans, with experience coming from running Hardcore Raiding guilds in WoW and top guilds in other games. There's also others will be playing an MMO for the first time. No matter your level of experience, you're welcome in nervousENERGY.

(* * * * *(

Whilst being a social PvE guild, we welcome players of all play styles from those who would rather enjoy the process of levelling to those who wish to purely PvP. We will hopefully be running guild groups for flashpoints, guild PvP teams and many other guild orientated events. What brings is together above all else in nervousENERGY is our social side of things.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you become part of our ever-growing community!

(* * * * *(

( FAQ's(

What if I just want to PvP?

Well, primarily we're a PvE guild, but that doesn't mean we don't want to establish a presence for ourselves in PvP either. We'll be running guild PvP teams regularly, although we are by no means a PvP orientated guild so players who's primary goal will be PvP should not apply.

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( nervousENERGY(

If you are interested in joining nervousENERGY, you can express it in a number of ways:

1.) Register here at our forums ( ( and make a post in our SWTOR boards.
2.) Submit an application over at our SWTOR Guild HQ: (

Requirements to join:

Age 18+
Working Microphone/Headset
Willing to use out of game forums
Compliance with our Community's general Principles & Guidelines (link (,1090.0.html))
Above all else, a willingness to get involved!

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Title: Re: [READ] Recruitment and About the Guild
Post by: Evoroth on June 21, 2011, 10:06:53 AM
OP has been updated with our recruitment requirements as of 21/06/2011.