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Title: Some useful or fun mods to look at
Post by: Monkeh on September 04, 2013, 13:53:05 PM
Thought listing the mods I've found useful might be of interest, so here's some I've found good, fun or useful.

Kerbal Engineer Redux ( gives you realtime information on the delta v and thrust to weight ratios of your craft as you build it and in flight. Very useful but basically just a calculator.

Procedural Fairings ( is a great mod for making your rockets look nicer. They have no effect on anything but appearance but they do make things look nice and cool when the fairings decouple in space. Excellent.
You can see a quarter of one on here:


Sub assembly manager ( is mind bogglingly useful in that you can save crafts, rovers, lifters, any part of any craft and then load the whole lot up to be stuck on another craft you're building. Super good. Slightly limited in that the assemblies principal part needs a free node to attach it with otherwise it's useless, but this is great and soon to be implemented into the official game.

The NovaPunch ( pack has around 150 parts for your craft, lot's of rockets and fuel tanks and adapters and stuff. Some very nice parts in here. I especially like the bulkhead things with 3 floating attachment points that allow the kind of thing in the screeny above.

Kerbal attachment system ( allows a wire to be fired between things for dragging and pulling. Not used this yet myself but it features in that insane video in the other thread and looks mighty cool.

Chatterer ( just adds beeps and snippets of voice comms for the Kerbal's on your flight and at command. Totally pointless but a lot of fun.

MechJeb ( is the autopilot and calculator in one. Make the game easy with this as it handles all your burns and landings. Not for me this one, maybe when I get bored of doing the ame launch for the millionth time I may get it, but for now, nope. Very popular this one.
Title: Re: Some useful or fun mods to look at
Post by: Monkeh on September 15, 2013, 20:13:32 PM
I decided I wanted to do more on my missions so I grabbed myself the ISA MapSat ( plugin. You place a dish on a satellite and send it off and it will map the terrain under it, including any 'anomalies' it may detect. You can then stick another little gizmo onto any lander or rover that will carry the information for you to use.


Here's some screenies:

Mun Mapper, complete with dish, is ready to go.


Gets to the Mun


Edit: Yes, those ion engines are indeed, on backwards. GG me.

The MapSat gets to work


You can see the red dots indicating the anomalies.

The polar view


Alrighty then, we haz mapz, now to go to each of the anomalies in the name of SCIENCE!

Title: Re: Some useful or fun mods to look at
Post by: Monkeh on October 07, 2013, 11:55:38 AM
So I've been trying and experimenting with a fair few mods over the last couple of days and I got to say, there's soooo much stuff out there to make this game even more spectacular.

SpaceJunk ( cargo bay doors are very nice. You need to move the camera round so it's inside the bay looking out before anything will attach properly to the roof, like a docking port for your lander, but they're neat and tidy and work nicely. Combine them with some of the Aviation Lights ( to make useful AND pretty cargo bays.

Next on the list is the Aerospace B9 ( pack of parts. Mainly wings and hull sections designed for space planes but easily adaptable into rockets. These are really nice parts. It has cargobays in there, lights and a whole host of other useful stuff. Really nice pack.

KerbPaint ( lets you colour the pieces of craft with primary, secondary and tertiary colours to your taste. really easy to use and looks good too. Nice.

This next one is amazing. Super, amazingly amazing. Magic Smoke Industries' Infernal Robotics ( let's you use pistons, powered hinges, moterised railings, rotating discs, VTOL engine rotation things, levers...all kinds of things that move with an action group or you can even set up special command groups as well. This will need a lot of testing and experimentation but it seems to work perfectly with a quick dabble late last night. My mind is full of stuff to do with this one, first on the list is a rotating disc on the ceiling of a large cargo bay with lots of flashing lights of different colours...KERBAL DISCO ON THE MUN LET'S GO!

I got the PartsCatalog ( to help me sort all this lovely new stuff into nice lists and that works well too.

I got the NovaPunch ( pack as well but that appeared to clash with something else and caused a lot of crashes, so that's been binned off or now.

Tonight I shall be installing the KW Rocketry ( pack instead to see how that works.

I'll post some pictures of stuff when I get some, atm I'm just testing for stability as I don't want to get too attached to a mod and then build something with it and find it crashes the game every 2 minutes.

This game just got a whole load of new content and I love it even more now than I did before yesterday. I wasn't bored with what I had but after dipping my toe into the waters of the mod world, it seems that that particular bit of watery goodness is very, very good indeed. I think I may be ill.

Title: Re: Some useful or fun mods to look at
Post by: Monkeh on October 07, 2013, 14:58:45 PM
Just found this. Definitely be getting this when I go home, looks a great larf. JETPACKS! (

KerbolQuest Jetpack Beta Release (

Frigging noice!
Title: Re: Some useful or fun mods to look at
Post by: Monkeh on October 08, 2013, 10:40:34 AM
If you fancy trying one mod out of those, I'd definitely have a look at the Magic Smoke Industries robotics stuff. So cool AND useful.
Title: Re: Some useful or fun mods to look at
Post by: Monkeh on November 12, 2013, 23:00:53 PM
Well now, Universe Replacer ( makes you game look beautiful. Textures for planets, atmosphere enhancement, EVA suits and other things. A bit heavy on the RAM usage, but I got it working ok.

I've also used the Squad Texture Reduction Pack ( to reduce the RAM usage of Squad's parts and the B9 Aerospace Texture Reduction Pack ( as well and so far, nice and stable.

Here's some shots with the universe replacer...looks Bee-Ah-Oootteefull!






That's just the low-res versions of things as well, plus my settings are turned quite low too. When KSP goes to the 64-bit Unity engine, good PC's will make this game look so freakin' nice. My 32-bit windows and the 32-bit nature of the unity engine means it can only use 3.25 ish of my gargantuan 4. Shame, but all good things...
Title: Re: Some useful or fun mods to look at
Post by: Peacekeeper on January 10, 2014, 11:45:32 AM
Some more mod goodiness - definitely something I'll try out (