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Reminder on LAN Security
« on: August 05, 2013, 23:03:14 PM »

Just an updated post to remind everyone to make sure that all your personal belongings are either taken away or secured down at LAN. This event is bigger than any Iseries that has been hosted before ESPECIALLY when there is a Minecraft Expo going on, and with the increase of thefts happening at LAN every time, it’s not worth the risk of your belongings being stolen.

For securing your PC down at LAN I can highly recommend using this lock that you can get at Maplin’s for £10 either locally or at Telford, but I would recommend ordering now to get it sent to you ASAP as they don’t hold a lot of stock:

Maplin Electronics:

If your monitor has a Kensington Security Slot (see pic):

Then it’s worth ordering a Kensington Lock which you can get cheaply on ebay:

AMAZON: Kensington Lock

If you have your phone, wallet, USB stick etc. sitting on your desk, I would HIGHLY recommend taking them with you when you leave your desk, just because someone is sitting there next to you while you go to look about or to the toilet, it doesn’t mean they are going to watch your desk all the time as they play games. It isn’t worth the risk of having it stolen as it can just take a few seconds for someone to walk past and take.

Otherwise see you at LAN and have fun :D
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