Vehicle Capture the Flag goodness

We are just putting the finishing touches to our New Vehicle Capture the Flag Server.  The Server is up & can be found through our Servers Section, although the redirect is unfinished at this time.

We have lots of Custom Maps on it at the moment but the final maplist has yet to be decided, we welcome all input, Login or Register on the forums and feel free to suggest anything

Current Maplist

  • VCTF-42_ColdRust
  • VCTF-AggressiveAlleys3(Wet)
  • VCTF-Andromeda
  • VCTF-Apex
  • VCTF-Asunder
  • VCTF-Avalanche-v201
  • VCTF-Basically
  • VCTF-BattleLine
  • VCTF-BinarySpace
  • VCTF-CBP3-Artemisa
  • VCTF-CBP3-Refuge
  • VCTF-CanalWarfare
  • VCTF-Defection_SE
  • VCTF-FeelGoodIncV3
  • VCTF-GoldDigger_SE
  • VCTF-RedRooms
  • VCTF-Valhalla_2010_SE
  • vCTF-Containment
  • vCTF-Necropolis
  • vCTF-Rails
  • vCTF-Sandstorm
  • vCTF-Stranded
  • vCTF-Suspense_Necris
Redirect for all maps wil be sorted soon, we have Dodge Jump enabled
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