Looking to colocate your box?

nervousENERGY are now able to offer a great deal on server colocation at a datacenter in Cheltenham. 

The datacenter offers :

  • Guarenteed Layer 2 connectivity
  • Multi Gbit Fiber network with direct connections to: Abovenet, LinX, Tinet, EntaNet, Telia, Virgin
  • Mix of providers to guarantee high speed and high availability across all UK, European, Transatlantic and Asia Pacific countries
  • Carrier Neutral

Our Colocation service offers :

  • 0.5 Amps Power
  • GBIT Network Port Presentation
  • 5 MBITS Bandwidth Allowance on 95th percentile (more than enough for multiple game server instances - 1800GB equivalent)
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • Monthly Contract* @ £60.00 a month

 * Nominal setup fee of £10.00

 Discounts for 6+ Month Payments inc

  • No setup fee
  • £56 month rental


  • Additional IP Addresses @ £1/Month
  • Extra bandiwidth @ £12 p/mbit or part of on 95th percentile - monthly
  • Extra Power @ £31 p/amp or part of  - monthly

Game Server Rental?

We also rent game servers :)

We are primarily supporting valve games including : Counter Strike series including Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2 all at 50p a slot and have a game panel and FTP access.  TF2 servers come with 10 slot sourcetv included and should you require mumble then we can chuck a 20 slot one of those up for you free.  Our control panel allows you to alter your mumble config as well as your SuperUser password should you want to.

Unfortunately we do not have a billing system so nothing is automatic.  Any and all enquiries can be made via email : support@nervousenergy.co.uk or our mumble @ mumble.nervousenergy.co.uk:64738 or by simply posting on our forums here . For colocation enquiries it's probably better to speak to Humbug directly.

gl hf :D


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