Left 4 Dead features a cast of human survivors


 left to right: Bill, Zoey,Louis and Francis

Bill, a Vietnam Veteran (voiced byJim French). Zoey, a university student (voiced by Jen Taylor). Louis, a district Account Manager (voiced by Earl Alexander) and Francis, a stereotypical biker (voiced by Vince Valenzuela)


Left 4 Dead 2 features a new cast of human survivors


left to right: Nick,Rochelle, Coach and Ellis

Coach (voiced by Chad Coleman), a portly high-school football coach with a bad knee. Nick (voiced by Hugh Dillon), an unemotional gambler and conman. Rochelle (voiced by Rochelle Aytes), a low-level production assistant reporting on the evacuation for a local television station and Ellis (voiced by Eric Ladin), a laid-back (and rather talkative) mechanic

Aside from appearances, all of the characters in both games have identical abilities in-game. But playing Bill in 'The Scarifce' and 'doing the right thing' does get a steam achivement

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