The most numerous "common infected." in Left 4 Dead are fast and agile, weak individually, they are humans that have contracted a mutated strain of a virus, which has rendered them zombies, though neither the source nor nature of this infectious agent are made clear.



 The infected in L4D2 are largely unchanged from L4D. While also Damage to the infected In Left 4 Dead 2 is portrayed more realistically, with bullets ripping off bits of flesh and, in some cases, limbs.



A new addition to Left 4 Dead 2 is the "uncommon infected" unique to each campaign. By virtue of equipment worn before infection or mutation they possess an ability that separates them from the common infected. In Dead Center features infected civil emergency agents with hazmat suits which are immune to fire.


 left4dead2hordeThe 'infected' can swarm and overwhelm the survivors, referred to in-game as a "horde". They display a special attraction to high-pitched alarm-type sounds, such as the beeping device attached to pipe bombs and car alarms. Common infected will often chase down the source of these noises while ignoring lower-pitched, but much louder sounds such as gunfire.

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