Left 4 Dead Campaigns

No Mercy

No Mercy - on a rooftop in Fairfield, after a narrow escape with the infected, the four survivours focus on making their way to Mercy Hospital for evcuation from a passing News 5 Helicopter.

 The survivours move from the rooftop down though the bliuding over to the subway station, down though the server to the Hospital. Where they have to make it to the rooftop for the No Mercy's campaigns final.

Crash Course

Crash Course ― After escaping Fairfield in No Mercy, the helicopter crashes in an area close to the turnpike in Death Toll. With the pilot having fallen to the virus, one of the Survivors is forced to kill him mid-flight.

Having survived the crash landing intact, the Survivors make their way across alleys to a garage where they find an armored delivery truck on top of a vehicle elevator, just out of reach.

Death Toll

Death Toll― The Survivors have finally made it close to where riverside lies.

Due to the pathway blocked on the abandoned highway, the Survivors follow the drainage system of Riverside, on to a church, then into the town of Riverside, and finally to a boathouse on the riverbank.

There, the Survivors wait for rescue from a civilain fishing boat.

Dead Air

 Dead Air ― With the Survivors stranded in a large greenhouse full of Infected, they witness a plane fly by overhead.

Deciding the best way to escape the city is via the airport, they make their way through a metropolitan area, over rooftops, a contruction site, an air station terminal, and finally, a last stand at a Runway final.

The Survivors see a C-130 Herculus Plane that has run out of fuel, and needs help refuelling.

Blood Harvest

Blood Harvest― Lost in the middle of a thick forest , the Survivors follow the path to a trainyard, and through a repair house. Following the railway lines, they move past a bridge, a train station, and finally to a Farmhouse Final.

With nobody in sight, the Survivors call via a radio to the military, and from there, wait for a armored personal carrier to pick them up. But in the meantime, the Infected have discovered their location....

The SacrificeThe Sacrifice:  The Survivors arrive in a shipyard by train and must battle their way through constant hordes, an imprisoned 'Tank', and some rather bothersome birds in hopes of finding a working sailboat. Unfortunately, the almost flawless plan to raise the bridge and escape the largest horde anyone has ever witnessed goes awry after one of the generators malfunctions, and one of the Survivors must sacrifice themself so the others may proceed. The campaign was also released at the same time for Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 Dead 2 Campaigns

Dead Centre

On a rooftop in Savannah, Georgia, four complete strangers find themselves caught up in the chaos of a recent outbreak of the deadly infection currently sweeping across the United States. Missing the last evacuation helicopter, they are forced to band together and head to the next known evacuation center at the mall.

The Survivors shoot their way down through a burning hotel and through the Infected-swarmed city streets to a nearby shopping mall, where they find it overridden with zombies. With no other alternatives, they hope to use a famous race car being exhibited there to make their escape. But with an empty tank the four have to refuel it with attacking waves of hordes and special infected before busting out of the mall and travel towards New Orleans.


The Passing

The Passing― After escaping the mall in Dead Center, the Survivors are stopped by a raised bridge. They encounter theL4D Survivors taking shelter on the bridge, who inform the new Survivors that they will lower the bridge if the generator is refilled with gasoline.

The Survivors make their way through the streets and buildings, past an interrupted wedding ceremony, through some sewers, to the generator, where they discover that one of the Survivours at the bridge has passed away.

With combined effort from everyone, the generator is filled, and the Survivors are able to raise the bridge to continue their journey onwards in their stolen race car. .

Dark Carnival

Dark Carnival: Upon finding the freeway out of Savannah blocked by abandoned cars, the Survivors are forced to leave their vehicle and make their way on foot to the nearby Whipering Oaks amusement park, still partially operational and crawling with Infected.

As a patrolling rescue helicopter circles overhead, the Survivors must make their way down the park's midway, through the Tunnel of Love, over the tracks of a rollercoaster, and past the exhibition barns to reach the park's stadium, where the pyrotechnics display of a rock concert stage may provide them with their only means of signaling the chopper pilot for help.

Swamp Fever

Swamp Fever: ― Unfortunately for the Survivors, the helicopter pilot that rescued them from Whispering Oaks succumbs to the Infection, and they are forced to kill him and crash-land the chopper in the Mississippi bayou.

Finding evidence that rescue may be waiting deeper in the swamp, the Survivors must trek through an abandoned alligator farm, an airliner crash site, and a ramshackle shantytown where the local swampfolk made their last stand against the Infected.

Eventually, they reach a giant plantation house, where they must hold off the relentless hordes of Infected until a kindly skipper named Virgil arrives with a rescue boat to take them to a rumored safe zone in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Hard RainHard Rain: As the evening sun begins to set, the Survivors learn that their rescue boat doesn't have enough fuel to reach New Orleans. Virgil drops them off in the derelict town of Ducatel, Mississippi to look for more fuel.

Their situation is further complicated by forgetting to bring signal flares to indicate that they've retrieved the fuel, as well as the sudden onset of a torrential downpour, the first sign of an incoming hurricane.

The Survivors must move through suburban streets teeming with Infected and a half-demolished, Witch-infested sugar mill to reach a gas station. After obtaining the fuel, they must then make their way back through the mill and the town, both now flooded by the storm, to return to the dock, signal Virgil with the illuminated sign from a nearby Burger Tank, and escape before the full force of the storm hits.

The Parish

The Parish: Virgil, who rescued the Survivors in Hard Rain and Swamp Fever, leaves them in New Orleans as he goes in search of more Survivors. The Survivors find the city completely overrun by the Infected. They have to make their way through the streets of the French Quarter, the military's abandoned quarantine zone, and an aboveground cemetery until they finally arrive at a partially collapsed table bridge.

On the other side is a military helicopter waiting to take the Survivors out of the city to a flotilla of military-commandeered cruise ships in the Gulf of Mexico, where the last remnants of humanity in the area have regrouped, safe in the knowledge that the Infected can't swim...so far....

The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice  campaign takes place before the main events of L4D2, sometime before the events of The Passing. The survivors from the first L4D arrive at the portside town of Rayford in order to search for a boat that could take them to the Florida Keys.

After finding an adequate vessel, the survivors manually have to start up generators in order to lift a bridge for their boat to pass through. One survivor (canonically Bill) sacrifices them-self in order to kick-start a generator once the lift jams, so that the others may reach safety.