Welcome to our landmark side of the site.  We are in the process of building this part of the site for our guild in Landmark and also in preperation for our adventures into the world of EverQuest Next.

Hopefully over time we'll have guild a guild roster area and a place where members of the guild can have a place where they can provide information of what they are doing currently along with a bit about themselvese, should they want to share.

We'll have sections on tips and tricks in Landmark for new people that should hopefully get them going just that little bit quicker with both internally written tips and links to other great stuff by some pretty awesome people.  There will be more content added slowly over time but there's quite a while until Landmark is moved from closed to open beta let alone the alpha of Everqeust Next which we might see in around a years time.

Please bare with us while we populate this area as it might look a little...umm... bare for a while.  Don't panic though as we will be working on the site but we'll only make bits public as and when we feel things aren't completly rubbish :)



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