Get your Nvidia grahics card drivers from here.





Get your Ati grahics card drivers from here.




guru3dGuru of 3D

This is a great place to find beta drivers, and third party drivers (e.g. Omega).  It also has separate Nvidia and Ati driver forums where enthusiasts spend hours discussing the pro's and con's of every driver release.  A great place to find out what drivers work best and what drivers are causing problems.


afterburnerMSI Afterburner

Not a driver as such but currently the easiest way to overclock your Nvidia or Ati graphics card.  It's produced by MSI but I think it's more a pretty wrapper for RivaTuner - the guy that develops that also helped with afterburner.  Anyway you can adjust clocks, voltages and fan speeds as well as setting up several different configurations with a simple hotkey press to switch between them.

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