February - The Mechs are Loose!

 HAWKEN is about to hit STEAM shortly, bringing action-packed first person mech warfare to your games library! Jump in the cockpit of your fully customisable bipedal mech and dive headlong into a conflict far from everything you have ever seen. Fight to the death in futuristic urban environments, team up with other pilots to destroy an enemy faction near remote desert outposts or conquer and hold the streets and tunnels underneath the remains of civilisation.

Tank through groups of walkers with the heavy assault classes, deny area to the enemy by firing barrage after barrage as grenadier, support your fellow teammates by repairing and assisting them with the technician class; scout the enemy with light mechs, tear them to shreds with berserks, attack them with surgical precision from afar or simply hit and run. Or hover around the detailed environments with your thrusters if you are the peaceful type.

Hawken's wide and high maps and lots of available mech classes suit every play style. Start out small with the light RECRUIT mech, earn credits and customise weapons, looks and internal structure of your walker. Or go straight for the big guns and buy your own mech with the credits you receive at the beginning of your career. It's all up to you.


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Compiles every review on games, films, music and tv and comes up with a meta score for it.  Also has links to all the individual reviews.  a bit of a hassle sometimes to look though as there are so many but equally pretty well every review out there will be listed




Got a bit comercialised a few years back but still a pretty good middle of the road review site, reviews most games and gives fairly reasonable scores.




firing_squadFiring Squad

While it has a few reviews the main reason to come here is for news on games.  They'll often have screenshots, and trailers for up and coming games, particularly if there's just been some big gaming conference on (e.g. E3) and all the game developers are showing off their latest work.



This site is quite good because it makes a special effort to review some of the better indy games most other sites forget (e.g. they reviewed mine craft before most of the world had heard of it).




Good site for multi-player gaming, particularly co-op.  Great for looking for games to play together.



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