One of the most popular serious hardware sites on the internet.  It's particularly strong for new technology, cpu’s, mobile devices & SSD’s.  The attached daily tech news site also has a few interesting articles.  Has quite a good forum too - suffers from the normal fanboy arguments but if you have problems you can try posting there and you might just get a useful answer.



A British hard and software review site that has a selection of gaming hardware reviews and quite a few interesting articles on all sorts of things. Does a good PC buyers guide for those looking to build a new machine.



toms-hardwareToms Hardware

Reputation of this site went down a bit in the last few years - regularly derided by fan boys of all sides for bias but I still think it’s ok. Another good site for a PC buyers guide (called PC system builder in toms). Also has lots of useful charts showing relative performance of processors, graphics cards, hard disks and the like.



American site famed for it’s video card reviews which don’t use canned benchmarks but are tested in real world gaming. On the downside the site owners are a pretty arrogant bunch with lots of pet loves and hates. Personally I have a problem with their 30fps is enough philosophy to graphic card tests. I’d go for lower settings and more fps. Anyway still worth checking out.



The most popular rumour site for new hardware and software. Don’t trust everything you read there, but if you want to find out rumours about next gen graphics cards or what’s up and coming in the hardware world this is bound to have something to say.



Beyond 3D

Beyond 3D

Where the serious techy geeks hang out. If you have a large brain and want really in-depth discussions about how graphics cards work come here.




storagereviewStorage Review

The place to come to when looking for information about hard disks.  The most useful thing is the reliability survey.  It forces you to catalogue your hard disks before letting you in, but then you can look at the results which gives you a pretty good indication of what hard disks are the most dependable.



digitalversusDigital Versus

The most comprehensive monitor review site famous for its monitor comparison where you can compare two monitors.  It's not perfect - no one believes their input lag figures but at least it has reviewed most monitors on the market.


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