guru3dGuru of 3D

Check out the generic utilities section, they have a good selection of useful little tools to monitor and tweak your pc.




smart-defragSmart Defrag

It's small, fast and free yet still has all the more advanced defrag features such as running automatically in the background and optimising to put the most used files at the start of the disk.



ashampooAshampoo Burning Studio

This is a free CD and DVD burner.  Despite the silly name it works well and is easy to use - much better then the windows one which never seems to do what you want it too.




update-notifierUpdate Notifier

This is a useful bit of software that scans your system, tells you what software is out of date, and gives you a link to download the new version.  While not 100% effective it does find most things.  Sort of programme it doesn't hurt to run now and again.



cc-cleanerCC Cleaner

This is a freeware system optimisation, privacy and cleaning tool.  It basically allows you to remove temprary files, coolkies, unused registry entries and tlog files.  Runs very fast.



search-everythingSearch Everything

This is a great little search tool for searching all your hard disks.  Unlike other search tools it indexes the low level hard drive file map.  This means it can only search using file names, and only search the whole hard disk at once however it does it near instantly.  No having to wait 10 minutes while windows slowly searches your disk for that file you forgot where you put.


process-explorerProcess Explorer

A much more powerful replacement for task manager.  It has a number advantages, for example it displays processes in a tree so you can see what program started what processes.  Secondly it has a really useful little tool to enable you to find what process is locking some file.  So for example if you've ever tried to delete something and you are told "this file is in use" but you haven't got a clue by what this can tell you.


salamanderServant Salamander

A replacement for windows explorer.  This takes a while to get the hang of but it has a number of advantages over windows explorer.  For example it has a command that allows you calculate the size on disk of every file in a folder, including all the sub folders - great for finding out where all that space on your hard disk went.  Another big plus is when you use it to copy files and it runs into a file it can't copy it doesn't just abort the whole operation (explorer grrr!).


 psucalcPSU Wattage Calculator

A PSU calculator can always come in handy when you are building your new PC.  Here's a link to the Thermaltake one.



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