Best price comparison site for techy stuff in my opinion.  Just typing "shop <my item>" into google is probably the next best.





Has a clear website making it perhaps the easiest place to browse through when looking to buy new PC components.  They tend to be the first to stock any new gear released onto the market.  Price wise they sell memory really cheap, and have good deals on their "this week only" items but other things tend to be a bit expensive   Also their customer service and delivery aren't highly rated.



Best "quality" place to buy techy stuff.  Prices aren't bad but the killer is delivery which costs a lot.  On the plus side you get what you pay for as they allow you to specify what hour you want your item delivered and send lots of updates to tell you how it's getting on.




Dabs is very middle of the road.  Good prices (often the best on cpu's and motherboards), reasonable service and delivery.





One of the cheapest places to buy things.  Generally has free delivery as well.  As with overclockers don't come here because you have high expectations of their customer service.




Doesn't tend to have as many pc components in stock but particularly if it really is sold by amazon tends to be cheap and has free delivery.  Beware the items sold by other companies on amazon - you have to pay a delivery charge to them and it's basically like buying something on ebay.  Check out their feedback rating before you buy.




Generally pretty cheap, and have free delivery.  Customer service is highly rated too.  Like amazon they host other companies with the same problems.



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