An integral part of Team Fortress 2 are the unlocks that you can get for each class by either crafting, purchasing, through a random drop, completing acheivements and numerous other ways that valve have conjoured up over time.   Items such as weapons, hats and other miscellanous masks, glasses and medals can be obtained for each class which you can assign to your character(s).  Customize your player models so everyone will recognise you as you frag them to pieces.






75px-Painted_Furious_Fukaamigasa_B8383BSome of the most prized posessions of a Team Fortress 2 player are the hats that can be equipped. Each class now has a multiple choice of hats to wear on the battlefield helping to make their character feel more unique.  Some of the more rare hats can also fetch a huge amount of money on the trading scene, sometimes reaching into the hundereds of pounds!  Each class has a number of specific hats just for them, but there's also a lot of universal hats that can be worn by anyone.






backburner_smallAs part of the drops and unlock system valve kindly added weapons too! While some are mostly re-skins of the standard weapons there are others that are completely new and alter the way you play that class totally. From swords and shields and health giving sandwiches, to guns that make you jump higher, TF2 has numerous ways to play each of the nine classes. This variation means even when you've mastered one weapon, there is always a new challenge waiting round the corner.








Backpack_Grizzled_veteranThere are a number of other items that can be worn that are not class dependent such as badges which aid the player in making their character slightly different from everyone else, and some which are class dependant, such as some funky shades for the demoman.  There's also a variety of paints available which can be used to colour hats and accessories to ensure you can look truly different to anyone else.  These items are the final piece in the jigsaw for personalising your character models.



 You can find all the information about each weapon, hat and how to craft them over at the Team Fortress 2 Wiki.