A trip through the NE MC world 2012

As in other worlds our community had before, the people of the Minecraft community established an extensive network of short and long range railways, be it scenic nether routes for travelling fast and far or fancy overworld tracks with a variety of sights along the way.

Starting off at the very beginning of the server, the Spawn, you may access various routes into every  cardinal direction via the Nether Central Station, from where you can reach the nearest builder enclaves savely and quick. In order to get to the station, just head through the obsidian portal next to the spawning point, a large, flat piece of grass guarded by an iron golem and lit by glowstone and jack’o’lanterns; the small portal room is adjacent to the North eastern corner of the spawning area, right next to the shelter and farms.

After entering the nether you will find yourself in the station; head down the stairs and you will find the lines to your left.

North Line:

Whilst being relatively short, this line offers propably the biggest building project the 2012 world has seen yet, Greeky’s place. It consists of a giant hand dug quarry dig site of more than 100 blocks in square which goes down to bedrock.  The portal exit will take your right to the lowest point of it, from where you have access to the great tower that rises over Greek’s realm, as well as an overworld station to Olympia. Drop by for a job, help will always be appreciated.

Other things you can find along the North Line include above mentioned Olympia, home to Poseidon, with an excellent exp grinder and some well-made structures. Along the nether line you may also find an old nether fortress with a modified blaze spawner for experience collection.

South Line:

One of the longest straight lines and not completely used; along the line you may find BLKM bases and a handful of portals. Sights on this line include a giant flying blimp and it is said that the end of the South Line is inhabited by a rare and mythical species, called “Admin”. A pot of gold is not guaranteed if you poke him, though.

East Line:

The eastern part of the map features by far the most activity and lots of impressive buildings and places. Along the line you will come across an old junction that once led to Moose’s portal. The portal has since been removed and the building around has been obliterated by ghasts. Further down the line the second line crosses the East Line; follow it to Peacekeeper’s nether portal, which is located in a hand-dug dome decorated with precious materials. No takey!

The portal room possesses a direct connection to a two-way overworld railway that runs around Pk’s property. Sights are the rich temple-like monument  in the desert, the underground fortress where he lives with farms and an enabled End portal, a quarry dig site and a base jump platform on height 250, called “Mile High Club”.

In the direct vicinity of the underground fortress, literally just a stone throw away, Zofo’s Castle is located in the arc of a river. Containing a magnificient tree and wheat farm as well as a mob grinder, this place is always worth a visit. Also accessible from there is an underground railway line by BLKM which connects the overworld bits between Moose’s old mountain palace and a base far to the East, close to snowy territory. In the distance you can see Peacekeeper’s Dragon shrine, built after the first End Dragon had been slayed on an NE server.  Also nearby is the prototype of an iron golem farm with grinder, home to more than 140 NPC villagers; you may reach the grinder either directly or via a small station along the BLKM line.

Going further down the nether line – and yes, far further – you can discover the almost magical place of JCSheffield, Brett, Ilex and Co. After passing a station with their first base portal, which will lead you to a hilly mushroom biome, a giant chicken, farms and Owndead’s Tower Of Mush ™, you will find yourself in a beautifully decorated underground compound containing more things than you can imagine. An artificial island above holds an enormous mob spawner, with the grinder below it as the main attraction of their bar. Several cave spider spawners have been hooked up to make the most efficient exp grinder on the server; a sophisticated redstone system allows you to turn it on or off. Other features include a well-equipped potion laboratory, automated farms, a fishing game , a shooting range with moving targets, several hotel rooms guarded by golems and the gallery of the dragon slayers, containing the dragons egg and the names of its slayers. Don’t miss the piggyback ride!

Near the end of the line a few grinders are set up for testing purposes, including a blaze exp farm and a zombie pigmen farm, currently under construction.

West Line:

This line brings you to Bobsmith’s place, a nice piece of land he turned into an awesome piece of art. In close proximity to each other you may find a glass pyramid with beautiful buildings and fountains on the inside, a giant box-shaped mob spawner and the tallest cactus ever observed. In the Hinterland other sights can be found, but there are still places yet to be visited!


Feel free to add pictures and locations of your creations on the forums - who knows, they might be listed here next...

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