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After weeks and weeks of snapshots we are finally getting closer to the next big update to Minecraft. Jeb, who is now in charge of Minecraft’s development, has hinted that the 1.3 Update will be released soon-ish.


Many of the new features and changes could already be found and playtested in the weekly snapshots released by Mojang; but Jeb is still working on several new things to flesh out the game.





The 1.3 Update is also thought to bring a new kind of server/client software, which is supposed to make modding and further development far easier due to the fact that there is just one version to update instead of two (like now, where we have server side updates and client side updates). With this set as a foundation, bugfixing will be easier and the long expected modding API moves one step closer to realization.

Other features, included and speculated alike, include a currency to trade with NPCs (villagers), a possible new mob, hinted as “stone monster”, a completely new and “useful” block, improvements in mob pathfinding, an additional world type called “Large Biomes”, coloured wooden halfslabs and stairs, stackable buckets, renamed items (to display their type, e.g. birch halfslab, jungle sapling), a visible string on the fishing rod, possibly a new gravel skin, certain changes to biomes in order to “improve the need to go there”, new dispenser physics (carts and boats now dispenseable), a new kind of golden apple, new potions, hardcore multiplayer mode, bonus crates for new worlds improvements to powered carts, changes to the sky and many more. The long awaited silk touch changes are also included.

Still highly speculative are dual wielding of two items at once, additional animals, the sky dimension, the modding API itself, various new blocks (for instance, chiseled stone bricks), adventure mode, mountable and steerable animals, the red dragon, display racks, spikes for contraptions, portable campfires, named crates and herobrine.

It is still not clear whether there will be a full introduction of the new server/client software or just a basic part of it which will be updated throughout the next months.

Fact is, though, that once again, many changes are coming; hold on tight you blocky world, the next update is on its way.

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