Whiter Skeletons


 Fast and fierce skeletal warriors, scorched to their bones and armed with a stone sword – these are the Wither Skeletons. But don’t be scared too much, their only natural spawn is in nether fortresses.

“What benefits do they bring?” you might ask. Well, first of all, they are new source of coal if killed. Only coal is too boring, you think? Well, then let’s get to the point: Wither Skeleton Heads. These have a 1 in 40 chance of being dropped if the Wither Skeleton was killed “manually”, e.g. with sword or bow. Or bare fists, if you feel that manly!

These Heads, which drop in addition to an occasional stone sword or bone, are used to create Minecrafts second Boss Mob, the Wither. The only other use besides this is as decorations.

The characteristics of the Wither Skeleton are quickly explained. When idle, they strafe around like every other mob, but once you came too close, they rush towards you and try to slice you open like a butcher. Their fast movement makes them a difficult to evade enemy, and using a bow on them that has no knockback leaves you only time for one or two shots. They are about three blocks tall, and due to the fact that they spawn in Nether Fortesses, they can be accompanied by Blazes – a deadly mix. Strike fast, hit hard and avoid groups of three or more. With their fast movement they surround you quickly and start playing a deadly kind of tennis with your blocky little self.

Of importance is the special effect it can have on you. The Wither Effect is similar to poisoning, but it also darkens your health bar, leaving you with no clue what status your health bar shows. Keep some Instant Health II potions, Golden Apples and a good set of armour ready.


The Wither

The second Boss Mob after the Ender Dragon. This foe is built by a player in a similar manner to golems – first off, a Soulsand body in a T-shape with three Wither Heads on top. Note to place one of the heads last in order to create a Wither.

Once created, these terrible demons explode everything around them. This was implemented to avoid it being caught by the boundaries of a grinder; as soon as it is freed, the now airborne monster sends high explosive skull projectiles after you that can even destroy obsidian. No wall, barrier, trench or bunker will stand against it for long, you are forced to stay moving. The projectiles will also affect you with the Wither Effect, with an additional benefit for the Wither: the health drawn from you goes directly to the Boss Mob’s health bar. Your only chance is to stay low during skull attacks and try to evade them.


When facing this enemy, only the best armour, weapons and potions should be used. Also make sure to bring a sufficient amount of arrows, as the Wither is out of melee range for most of the fight.

The fight itself is the biggest challenge. You need to co-ordinate people, dodge flaming skulls that want to eat your soul (and health) and hit the enemy at the same time. A tough task.

If you bring him down to about half health, however, the Wither will gain a special shield but loses its ability to fly. Arrows have no longer an effect on the Wither, leaving the sword as your only real weapon. You have to wait for a short break or dodge the skulls and close the gap to the Boss Mob as fast as you can to strike it with a fierce blow. Caution is advised.

“But why should I do all this? Getting all these skulls, having my arse shot off by a hell demon, my world blown to bits by skull projectiles,…”

Good question!

Upon death, Withers drop a single Nether Star each, the main ingredient needed for magic beacons. Lots of benefits and a divine ray of light. Shiny!


The WitchWitch

An old, friendly woman. BAH! A nasty wicked Witch throwing potions at you, trying to kill you and use up your inner organs in brewing stands! Not much is known of her as of yet, but she won’t die in sunlight and lives in swamps… beware.





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