Once again Nervousenergy are attending the UK's largest gaming festival!

3-4 days of beer infested, sleep deprived fun.  What could be better?

Why not come and say hello.  Far corner, near the Monster truck!

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Star Citizen Image

Tomorrow (Saturday 10th October 2015) Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) are in Manchester at their CitizenCon event.  They will reveal parts of the game they have previously said they are working on which, for those that are interested in this game, is anticipated to be epic.  There are rumours flying around the interwebs that they are also revealing things they haven't mentioned, or that they aren't anywhere near finishing; such as the ' Baby PU' (persistant universe). 

 The 'Baby PU' is their test bed (Alpha) for how the actual game will play when released and is based on what is called a large world map.  The size of this will represent an actual system in Star Citizen.  This allows CIG to add elements to the game for players to experience as and when they are ready, such as content for non-combat professions, which they can then tweak to perfection over the corse of the Alpha period. 

For those people interested in what CIG are going to reveal, they are streaming from CitizenCon on Saturday 10th October and starts at 20:00 BST on their Twitch channel here.

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We now have an ARK server.  After a week of testing the impact this server would have on other servers it seems that we should be okay to carry on running it.  So..here it is!  You can find it in the unofficial server list called umm.. nervousenergy :)

If you don't already have the game and fancy taking a look then here's the link to the steam page.

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Insomnia I55

nervousENERGY are attending this years Insomnia I55 event held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.  It's very close now being just under 2 weeks away, starting Friday 28th August at 10:30 - Sunday, 30th August 18:00.  There are those committed few nervousenergy people (crazy people!) who attend almost all the Insomnia events through-out the year however the summer LAN, is the biggest one, not just for nervousENERGY, but for Multiplay themselves.

Interested in attending on a day pass just to see what it's all about?  This is what's on at the event over the 3 days.

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The Mumble team has released version 1.2.5 of the Mumble VoIP application.

This new version contains two important client-side security fixes, and all users of mumble should install the fixed version:

Mumble 1.2.5

From the Mumble Blog.

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A short video made by JCSheffield showing progress in Erebor.

See more here.





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In the very near future nervousENERGY will be hosting a 1v1 tournament for League of Legends. More information and signups can be found in the main thread by clicking the image above.





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After a year of great fun, building and action-packed adventures, the nervousENERGY Minecraft Multiplayer Server will be reset on the 30th December, 2012.

A completely new map with old and new people to build with, as well as new things to discover and imagine - all this and more, coming

30 December 2012


For further information, check our MC Forum Section!

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Once again, the Annual Twisted Christmas Event of Killing Floor takes place!


This time, buy the really big guns - you're off to Evil Santa's Moon Base. Low gravity warfare, new DLC, weapons, a handheld doomsday-device-meets-plasma-rifle gun and an unlockable skin are just a few of the new features, paired with the good old gingerbread men and atrocious elfs trying to hunt you down.

Step in your boots, put on your kevlar vest and grab some dosh - the Annual Twisted Christmas Event only lasts through to 3rd January!

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