nebabyblue4nervousENERGY has a new TF2 team for you all to support. Say hello to nervousENERGY Baby Blu.  It's been put together by our new community member saboz from the players he met and played with in the IDK/.:ne:.Newbie 6v6 mix steam group.  They're looking to enter etf2l season 10 in division 6, where I think they may do rather well, after all, Monkeh will be mentoring them to success! 


Saboz has a lot of potential as a demoman and has picked out a few guys he enjoyed playing with in the mixes, Chop Suey and Mercyless as soldiers, Crash and Hawkzz as scouts, and a Void as medic.  After playing with all of these guys I can confirm they do have some skill from playing a lot of Quake or Counter Strike, or just because they're talented!

The newbie mix group has proved to be very popular with regular mixes filling up in minutes.  Everyone has had a lot of fun playing some 6v6 matches in a relaxed and friendly environment and this is the second 6v6 team to have come from the group. 

Here's to a bright future for nervousENERGY Baby Blu, I know they can count on your full support

If anyone has an interest in trying out the competitive game, feel free to join the steam group, play a few mixes and see how you like it.  Skill level isn't important, no-one will shout at you for messing up or missing a shot, however we do demand you can join a mumble server for communcating with your teamates.

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