Star Citizen Image

Tomorrow (Saturday 10th October 2015) Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) are in Manchester at their CitizenCon event.  They will reveal parts of the game they have previously said they are working on which, for those that are interested in this game, is anticipated to be epic.  There are rumours flying around the interwebs that they are also revealing things they haven't mentioned, or that they aren't anywhere near finishing; such as the ' Baby PU' (persistant universe). 

 The 'Baby PU' is their test bed (Alpha) for how the actual game will play when released and is based on what is called a large world map.  The size of this will represent an actual system in Star Citizen.  This allows CIG to add elements to the game for players to experience as and when they are ready, such as content for non-combat professions, which they can then tweak to perfection over the corse of the Alpha period. 

For those people interested in what CIG are going to reveal, they are streaming from CitizenCon on Saturday 10th October and starts at 20:00 BST on their Twitch channel here.

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