Thanks to Monkeh (one our our Community Officers) we are in cahoots with ETF2L in running an Ultiduo Cup.  This is the fourth one ETF2L have been able to run but this time we are the proud sponsers of the event (thanks again to Monkeh for stumping up the cash).  If you are interested in signing up and possibly taking the big winners prize then role up role up and go here.

For everyone who never heard the term “Ultiduo” before: One medic and one soldier per team face off on the King of the Hill map koth_ultiduo_r_b7. Whoever holds the central capture point under the bridge for a total of 5 minutes, scores one point. The team that first scores 3 points, wins the map. There are some tactics, such as bombing the enemy medic while the allied medic stays in spawn or suiciding (as medic) if it becomes obvious he is going to die and loose his uber percentage anyway.

We have set up a few practice servers that you can hone your skills on which are...

  • connect
  • connect
  • connect  (1 Round Win)

Further information can be found on the ETF2L website here.

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