ArenaNet has finally announced it's release date of the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2, it will go live on the 28th August.

Those who have pre-purchased gain a 3-day head start which coincides with the i46 LAN.

Check here on the discussion of our home server.










See you in Tyria!

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In a recent post, Mojang’s own Jeb_ announced a projected release date for Update 1.3, namely 1st of August, 2012. No other major update was that long in the making, but we can expect loads of it, too!




The road is paved for the Modding API, bringing the end of Singleplayer as it is upon us. But fear not, it will run as a local server instead, making updates and support a much easier task! Furthermore there will be hundreds of fixes for all kinds of bugs and problems, many of them in multiplayer, such as the visibility of enchanted items and the block cracking animation, which can both be seen by anybody now, instead of just by the client.



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The nervousENERGY podcast is back again in a sort of timely fashion. This is hopefully the start of something new and beautiful. It has been a while in editing and I can't actually remember what things we talked about so instead let me tell you of what to expect from the podcast in the future. 
The biggest news is the podcast team now has a new member, Hippy. She'll be joining us as we move away from just talking about games to chatting nonsense about everything and anything. As well as telling us what sort of things she'll be doing for the community as the community liaison officer. 
 Oh, just as a warning, this is quite long, 40 minutes long. The next one won't be that long.

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Coming soon...

After weeks and weeks of snapshots we are finally getting closer to the next big update to Minecraft. Jeb, who is now in charge of Minecraft’s development, has hinted that the 1.3 Update will be released soon-ish.


Many of the new features and changes could already be found and playtested in the weekly snapshots released by Mojang; but Jeb is still working on several new things to flesh out the game.





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The Nervous Energy podcast returns, you asked threatened for it so we've gone all out on this and talked and talked and then we talked a little bit more but that wasn't enough, we didn't think it would be fair to you to just leave it with that. So we brought out the big guns in the form of earth shattering sound effects! So what are you waiting for?! Listen Now!


Content :


  • Borderlands 2
  • Tribes: Ascend
  • Wargame: European Escalation
  • Latest Humble Bundle
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Assasins Creed 3
  • Elder Scrolls MMO announcement announced
  • Witcher 2 Enhanced Editon
  • iSeries

And possibly some more






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Our hosting providers are moving datacenter from their current location at Centro data centre, to the Gaming Deluxe Suite at their data centre in Cheltenham.

Because of this, the servers will be offline for most of Saturday the 7th of April, 2012


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A trip through the NE MC world 2012

As in other worlds our community had before, the people of the Minecraft community established an extensive network of short and long range railways, be it scenic nether routes for travelling fast and far or fancy overworld tracks with a variety of sights along the way.


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(This article was updated on the 10th of February 2012, with more information)

Many of you will know that the steam forums were hacked on Sunday.  Valve have now released a statement saying that it looks like the intruders were able to gain access to a main steam database.

It's no use pretending this isn't a very worrying thing, but it's not as bad as it could be. While the attackers should never have been able to get any access to this information from the forums, it looks like fairly decent security procedures were followed for the steam database itself.  So:



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TF2 logoAs the least popular public server, has been changed from 24/7 Foundry

After an extensive consultation lasting at least 1 minute and taking opinions for a wide range of people who happened to be in the channel at the time, it's now the "NE 5cp maps" server.

Forum discussion


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TF2 logoSo the European team Fortress 2 League has organised it's eleventh season of 6v6 goodness with over 300 teams signed up from all over Europe.  nevrousENERGY has three teams ready to do battle, .:ne:.BLU, in division 4b and .:ne:.GREEN with the brand new .:ne:.WHITE getting paired together in division 5h thus generating the mouth watering prospect of two of our teams going head to head in week 2 of the season, look out for a forum or new post about this to come.

We'll try to keep you all informed of how the season pans out for our teams and look out for the chance to spectate them playing as the season progresses.

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