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About three months ago I bought this shiny little digital camera which had just hit shelves by the end of February. Previously I had been looking through hundreds of compact digital cameras of every fabrication, specification and colour to replace my first generation digital cam which had been serving me true for so many years.

I needed something that could stand rough treatment; the new camera should be able to survive an average rainfall and cold temperatures (I love rainstorms and cold winters), be small but not light weight, and needed lots of different programs and modes for different light, photography of fast objects and scenery as well as and macro filters for close ups. But most of all I wanted a high quality product with as much storage as possible (the old cam couldn’t handle SD memory cards above 1 GB) and a picture quality as decent as it could be for a camera of said specifications.


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Being as i am building a new PC I thought I might as well share my thoughts on the bits I buy to stick in it.

The main reason for buying this board were due to it having good reviews on other sites and it came with an Antec Kuhler 620 free which saved me having to buy a decent cooler (air/water). I'll show you the a picture of the motherboard below then go into my thoughts.  I will update this review when i can actually use the thing as i'm waiting for the Ivybridge to be released.

gigabyte z77 motherboard


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Sandy Bridge Memory Scaling: Choosing the Best DDR3 Great review for folk buying mem for sandybridge CPUs

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 Cyborg R.A.T. 5 Gaming Mouse-Review 

The Cyborg range of R.A.T mice look a little like they were designed by a cross between Bill Gates' nerdier younger brother and a T800 Terminator! They are truly unique looking products that wont be to everyone's tastes, but the design and build quality is superb.  From the adjustable length and weight to the programmable buttons, this is a mouse you can make fit not only your hand, but your gameplay style as well, however, whether it fits in with your decor is another matter!  This review looks at the Cyborg R.A.T. 5. Gaming Mouse.



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