Team Fortress 2 is a class-based first-person shooter with a large emphasis on team play.  Developed and published by VALVE and released in October 2007, it is the follow-up to the highly popular Half-Life mod Team Fortress Classic. As of the uber update (23rd June 2011) the game has been FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY and will remain so.

nervousENERGY has been providing a place for people to play Valve's superb class based, team shooter since it's release. Variously described as: "The most fun you can have online" (PC Gamer magazine) and "The best war themed, hat collection simulator on the planet" (Anon), TF2 has remained popular since its release both with fans of the older versions and a whole new captive audience.

Team Fortress 2 has evolved a huge amount since release thanks to Valve's constant supply of free DLC that has brought new weapons, maps, gamemodes and even attire, with some of the rarer hats exchanging hands for hundreds of dollars.

Here at .:ne:. we take pride in providing high quality severs, run and administrated by a mature and dedicated team, to ensure fun times can be had by all.  Whether it's payload, competitive, arena or good old cp_dustbowl, you'll find a home with nervousENERGY.

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TF2 Classes


Large, slow and carrying a huge minigun, the Heavy weapons guy brings the definition of 'tank' to a new level.  From the cold heart of Russia his minigun variants include a solid brass beast and his old favourite Natascha using bullets that slow the enemy down as they do damage.  Various snacks can refill his health or make him move faster in his secondary loadout slot and his various boxing gloves deal damage or absorb it very efficiently.

Meet the Heavy

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demoman-resizedThis Scottish cyclops can remotely detonate carefully laid bomb traps and shoot grenades for huge damage dealing potential. Having no bullet shooting gun makes him potentially weaker than most at very close range, but his damage output is second to none.  Additions to his arsenal include a number of swords to live out those William Wallace moments, a shield that enables a rapid charge and a double grenade launcher for extra 'KA-BOOM!' for his buck.

Meet the Demoman

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Can build sentry guns for defence, dispensers to dish out health and ammo to team mates plus teleporters to get his team onto the front line as fast as possible.  Slightly deficient in brain cells, and definitely not all human, this doo-lally hard hat is the backbone of any good defence.  Variations of his stock weapons include a mini sentry that builds very quickly but cant be upgraded and a wrench that speeds up the deployment of all his buildings.

Meet the Engineer

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The silent..or not so, head of any team. Heals and buffs health to charge 8 seconds of invunerability for himself and his healbeam target. Perfect for that crucial, match winning push.  Vital to any team but weak offensively, the medic has various mediguns that provide different special effects to himself and his heal target.  100% crits for 8 seconds?  You got it.  4 Times faster healing rate?  You got it.  His cruel and viscious nature led to him losing his medical licence, but the health profession's loss, is our gain.

Meet the Medic

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Flame loving weirdo with a love of all things hot. Male or Female? We dont know, but the pyro can reflect incoming projectiles with a blast of compressed air from the deadly flamethrower as well as fry anything foolish enough to come too close.  Fireaxes, shotguns and flare guns make this rubber clad freak a dangerous opponent.  Various loadout options can provide a flare gun with remote detonation, a sledgehammer that can remove a spys sappers and a quick switch flamethrower for those speedy axe's to the face.

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Quick and annoying with the ability to double jump, scouts can cause problems for any class at close range.  These guys capture points twice as fast as any other class making them a crucial part of any team.  Using everything from a powerful sawn off shot gun to a mackerel wrapped in newspaper, the scout will be in your face and gone before you can react.  A baseball can be used to stun opponents and a couple of interesting 'energy' drinks can make him invunerable for a short time or dish out mini crits to anyone in his way.

Meet the Scout

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Sneaky Australian with a penchant for putting bullets in people's heads from half way across the map, he's also very talented with urine based martial arts! Owner of a plethora of large knifes, he can get the job done up close and personal as well.  He can swap his sub machine gun for a back shield to thwart the plans of enemy spies, or use his bow and arrow for manouverability,  He even has a dart gun to cover the enemy in his Jarate from afar.  Dont ever stand still with this guy around.

Meet the Sniper

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A rocket launcher gives him the ability to jump very high and far to reach those useful positions of elevation and also dish out lots of damage.  From protective boots to giving out mini critical ordanance to his teamates, the soldier will crush you like a maggot!  The shotgun is only one weapon in his large arsenal which includes a number of different rocket launchers for faster projectile speed or for giving you a health buff on hurting enemies and a pickaxe that allows you to move faster the lower your health is.

Meet the Soldier

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This French master of deceit is able to disguise as the enemy and even turn invisible, his 1 hit-kill backstab can be devestating and one of his pistol's can be almost as deadly as the sniper rifle. Difficult to master, the spy can be one of the most exciting classes to play.  His loadout options provide him with various disguise watches that can give infinite invisibility as long as he stays still or to drop a fake corpse on taking damage whilst you sneak away.  A few different knifes give variable effects on hitting that backstab, from instantly disguising as the victim to leeching whatever health they had left before your knife turned them into a corpse.

Meet the Spy 

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