TEAM FORTRESS 2 has been constantly updated with new content since release, resulting in many types of gamemode to enjoy.  You can find most of them here.  The start of a maps name lets you know what type of map it is, cp_ means a control point or attack/defend map, pl_ means a payload map, ctf_ means a capture the flag map, koth_ means a koth map and arena_ is an arena map:


The payload maps again pit the RED defensive team Vs the BLU attacking team, only this time no points need to be captured as such. A cart needs to be moved from the attackers spawn to the end of the track. The more people standing near the cart the faster it moves, but watch out for that spy, he might be behind you at any time!

Examples: pl_goldrush, pl_badwater, pl_thundermountain, pl_upwardsniper shows off his razorback.

There is also a PAYLOAD RACE mode where each team gets a cart to push. The first team to get their cart to the end of the track is the winner.

Examples: plr_hightower, plr_pipeline


5CP MAPS     (5 Capture point maps)

The 5CP map is the standard gamemode for competitive 6v6 matches. It is usually a symmetrical map with a central, locked CP that is raced toward and fought over. The CP can be captured by standing on it. The more people there, the faster it captures. Ownership of all five CP's will win your team the round.   

Examples: cp_badlands, cp_granary, cp_freight, cp_obscure, cp_well, cp_yukon, cp_grack, cp_snakewater, cp_bazillion and many, many others.



The A/D style has the RED team trying to defend 2 or 3 Capture points from the BLU team. Again, the attacking BLU team need people to stand on the point to capture it.

Examples: cp_dustbowl, cp_gravelpit, cp_gorge, cp_egypt, cp_steel

spy jumps on heavyARENA                                                                                                     

In arena mode you get 1 life and 1 CP to control. Either capture the point or kill all of the enemy team to win. Short, frantic rounds are the order of the day here, with a healthy dose of tension. 

Examples: arena_badlands, arena_lumberyard, arena_sawmill

KING OF THE HILL (KOTH)                                                                                                

KOTH needs a team to first capture a central CP and then hold it for a total of 3 minutes. First team to rack up the 3 minutes in control of the point wins the round.  This mode throws up exciting, back and forth matches that require all the classes to capture and defend that all important point.

Examples: koth_badlands, koth_sawmill, koth_viaduct, koth_harvest



Capture the flag maps requires you to capture a briefcase full of enemy intelligence from their base and return it to your own.   The round will end when one team has captured the intelligence a set number of times.red_criefcase

Examples: ctf_2fort, ctf_turbine_pro ctf_converge