TF2 logoAs the least popular public server, has been changed from 24/7 Foundry

After an extensive consultation lasting at least 1 minute and taking opinions for a wide range of people who happened to be in the channel at the time, it's now the "NE 5cp maps" server.

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TF2 logoSo the European team Fortress 2 League has organised it's eleventh season of 6v6 goodness with over 300 teams signed up from all over Europe.  nevrousENERGY has three teams ready to do battle, .:ne:.BLU, in division 4b and .:ne:.GREEN with the brand new .:ne:.WHITE getting paired together in division 5h thus generating the mouth watering prospect of two of our teams going head to head in week 2 of the season, look out for a forum or new post about this to come.

We'll try to keep you all informed of how the season pans out for our teams and look out for the chance to spectate them playing as the season progresses.

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TF2 logoYup, it's that time of year again.  The stats for the public TF2 servers have been reset, to give people a clean slate for the new year.

You can view your stats at

It's been a while since the last reset - how often do you think they should be done?  Comment / complain in the TF2 forum - along with any other suggestions you have.


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All three teams are in league action tonight.

We have Gold Vs deadline at 8 p.m. UK time in a crunch match for their season. 2 more wins and they can look forward to a play off to see who gets promoted.
To connect to the Gold server STV use this string: connect

Baby BLUfare also in action tonight, Vs Cold Porridge is hotter than tasty at 8 p.m. UK time.
Their STV can be reached by using this string: connect

BLU are playing in Wireplay against n2o is fancy looking to grab second place in that division. We're starting at 8 p.m. UK time as well.
Connect string for the STV is: connect

Come cheer us on later :)

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Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular FPS game around but that doesn't stop Valve from releasing it for everyone, as it's now FREE TO PLAY!  Well played Valve!  It's taken over counter strike as THE most played game on steam since going free and servers all over the world are full of new players looking for some cartoony FPS fun.

There are a few minor restrictions for the free to play accounts, such as getting a limited amount of random drops, not being able to initiate a trade and a reduced back pack size, however it's still a must have in everyone's game library.  

Should you want to experience the full game you can simply go to the in game store and purchase something there, although there is a minimum top-up of ¬£4, it can be spent on anything in the steam store, but  as long as some of it goes on a TF2 item you will get access to the full content.

If you have steam, you need to have this!  Did we mention it's free...forever?   What are you waiting for?  See you on.

Check out our TF2 section here.



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