Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular FPS game around but that doesn't stop Valve from releasing it for everyone, as it's now FREE TO PLAY!  Well played Valve!  It's taken over counter strike as THE most played game on steam since going free and servers all over the world are full of new players looking for some cartoony FPS fun.

There are a few minor restrictions for the free to play accounts, such as getting a limited amount of random drops, not being able to initiate a trade and a reduced back pack size, however it's still a must have in everyone's game library.  

Should you want to experience the full game you can simply go to the in game store and purchase something there, although there is a minimum top-up of ¬£4, it can be spent on anything in the steam store, but  as long as some of it goes on a TF2 item you will get access to the full content.

If you have steam, you need to have this!  Did we mention it's free...forever?   What are you waiting for?  See you on.

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