Axon Vehicles

leviathan_300x224The Leviathan "super vehicle" is the ultimate expression of Axon military firepower.

This behemoth is the size of a building, supported by 8 wheels. Each wheel is more than 3 meters in diameter. Infantry accessible turrets sit along the upper deck of the vehicle, strategically located near each corner to ensure maximum protection capability and shield coverage.
The Leviathan's massive girth is required to support the true center piece of Axon weaponry. The backbone of the vehicle deploys outward and upward to expose an orbital-grade ion cannon. Powered by two quantum-fusion impulse reactors, drawing all energy and matter out of the immediate area. This singularity explodes outward with devastating force. The resulting shockwave annihilates everything within its radius.

There are documented cases of Leviathans single-handedly leveling entire cities; anything less than a full battalion assault against a fully-manned Leviathan is nothing short of suicide.

goliath_300x214The Goliath-class tank has served the  Axoninfantry as a front-line offensive weapon for more than two decades.

Protected by heavy RHA carbon-duranium armor, the Goliath trades speed for endurance and brute force. Four synchronized stabilizers left the turret rotate independently from the chassis, and the built-in targeting scope allows for the tracking of enemies at both medium and long range.

The Goliath's main cannon delivers a massive 140mm depleted-uranium round at over 1500 meters per second. An additional gunner seat features a turret-mounted 12.7mm machine gun. Working in tandem, these two weapons provide a strong offense against both enemy infantry and vehicles.

Hellfire_spma_300x230This self propelled mobile artillery (SPMA) device is infamous for its ability to blanket a large area with the devastating fire that falls from the sky above.

The Axon Hellfire is sufficiently maneuverable to deploy its long range artillery cannon on almost any terrain. A remote camera gives its operator a bird's-eye view of the battlefield through a targeting reticule that calculates the projected area of impact in real time.

The vehicle housing also incorporates a defensive shock cannon that deploys floating mines of unstable plasma which can be chain-ignited by the weapon's secondary fire photon beam.

manta_300x197Thanks to its ultra-lightweight armor and unmatched agility, the Axon IFV Manta has repeatedly proven itself on battlefields across the galaxy.

The Manta is propelled by two flush-mounted, magnetically impelled fans which can be instantly pitched, allowing the vehicle to leap high into the air, then quickly duck below incoming obstacles or enemy fire.

Its superior agility is paired with two multi-stage plasma casters that burn hot and reload quickly, making the Manta particularly effective in suppressing enemy infantry.

PaladinThis all-terrain vehicle features a signature projection turret with powerful offensive and defensive capabilities that are unique to Axon design. As an offensive measure, the projection turret launches high-speed plasma cores at long range, which discharge on impact with a wide-area explosive force.

While more than capable on the offensive side of a battle, the defensive capabilities of the Paladin are unmatched in modern warfare. The projection turret can also deploy a large energy shield matrix that is strong enough to completely protect the shielded area from any and all incoming fire.

As a last resort measure, the projection turret can even launch plasma cores directly into its own shield matrix discharging them around the entire perimeter of the Paladin with a burst of energy that is deadly to any nearby dismounted infantry.

cicada_superThe Axon Cicada provides versatile near-air support for both offensive and defensive operations.

Dual wing-borne rotors allow for vertical takeoff and landing, hovering capability and multi-vectored propulsion. Side mounted rocket pods can be fired in quick succession to suppress a target at distance, or loaded up to 16 at a time and launched in a single volley that will home toward and annihilate its intended target. A secondary gunner position controls the underslung ball-turret plasma cannon.

The Cicadas low top speed and distinctive flight signature make it a ready target for anti-vehicle rockets so the secondary gunner also has chaff defensive countermeasures available.

raptorThe FZ-5 Raptor maintains Axon's stranglehold on air-to-ground combat superiority.

A grid array of magneto-conducting cells, powered by phase-induction plasma turbines, covers its articulated wings. The grid array vectors gravity away from the Raptor in the direction the pilot chooses, enhancing mobility and giving the Raptor the ability to hover in place at will.

Armed with two solidstate plasma projectors and a homing missile mount, the Raptor is effective offensively, but given the grid array's susceptibility to damage, the Raptor is best used for stealthy interdiction rather than frontal assault. Due to the vehicle's delicate nature, Raptor pilots must always be cautious of guided Longbow rockets and turret attacks from the ground.


 The Axon Hellbender is the spiritual successor to the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles of the 20th century.

The upgraded chassis provides strong maneuverability in the field, and the up-armored neutron panels offer moderate protection to the vehicle's occupants.

The Hellbender's main strength, however, is its powerful weaponry. The rear turret focusses a devastating bolt of plasma at its target. The frond-mounted shock cannon releases floating mines of unstable plasma which can be chain-ignited by the weapon's secondary photon beam.

It is not uncommon to see a group of enemies devastated by this spectacular weapon, and it should be approached with caution.


The Scorpion L2 buggy shows vast improvements over previous generation models.

The characteristic sling blades are now forward mounted under the chassis for improved accuracy and feature a photon-charged self-sharpening edge that will cleave through all known types of body armor. The unreliable bolo mechanism has been replaced with a mortar that fires homing spheres of charged anti-matter. The tail of the vehicle has been fitted with two afterburning propulsion units capable of boosting the already nimble vehicle up to speeds over 100 KPH in less than a second. At this top speed, the fuel lines burn so hot that they can actually ignite theTarydium in the compression chamber, causing a chain reaction that will turn the Scorpion into an explosive meteor.

Some drivers have even been known to use this "flaw" as a highly effective weapon against larger, better armored targets. Luckily, the steering column has been encased within a protective carapace that will auto-release and eject the driver should such an engine meltdown occur.


The UT3 Titan Pack brings the Stealthbender back into the game. It is basically the Axon Hellbender modified to match the Necris Nightshade. The side turret fires a link beam that can heal nodes and other vehicles and the rear turret has been replaced with a Necris-style deploying/cloaking mechanism.

Necris Vehicles


The Nemesis is the unholy spawn of a mobile turret and a main battle tank.

Two segmented hover treads, separated by a glowing nanocore propulsion engine, creep across any terrain in a nearly organic fashion. The center piece of the Nemesis is an actuated plasmid turret capable of attacking in any of three transforming configurations. When compacted, the turret locks into a forward facing position and all energy is funneled into the hover treads. This dramatically lowers the overall profile of the vehicle and allows for a great boost in speed. When fully engaged, the turret rises up to great heights, and the plasmid energy of the nanocore can be seen from great distances.

Such a sight should be taken as a warning, as a Nemesis turret in this state is capable of delivering a rapid fire plasma beam with immense power and devastating accuracy.

Although there have been no confirmed sightings of the Nightshade, recon teams claim to have encountered an unknown "camouflaged support vehicle" in the field.

These teams describe seeing minefields and other traps materializing out of thin air in battles with the Necris. Most likely, the Nightshade is surrounded by a cloaking system that permanently bends light, similarly to the tempory cloaking device that Axon Tech teams sometimes deploy to infantry captains.

More research is needed, and ARC scientists would pay dearly to get their hands on this technology.


This airborne terror defies all rational explanation.

Nanoblack turbines seem to discount the laws of physics and ignore gravity, allowing for vertical takeoffs and mid-flight hovering. An array of tentacles mounted on the front of the vehicle pulls the Fury through the air with sudden bursts of speed and unpredictable barrel roll maneuvers.

Energy can also be funneles through the tentacles, and focused into a plasmid bean that quickly burns away enemy armor.


This airborne terror defies all rational explanation.

Nanoblack turbines seem to discount the laws of physics and ignore gravity, allowing for vertical takeoffs and mid-flight hovering. An array of tentacles mounted on the front of the vehicle pulls the Fury through the air with sudden bursts of speed and unpredictable barrel roll maneuvers.

Energy can also be funneles through the tentacles, and focused into a plasmid bean that quickly burns away enemy armor.


Mounted on a tripod of nano-fueled tentacles, the Darkwalker stands imposingly tall in the battlefield, intending to strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose the Necris. Few have faced this offensive platform in battle and lived to tell the tale.

Side mounted particle accelerators combine their firepower into a large sweeping beam that disintegrates anything in its path. Integrated compressor units along the underside of the vehicle release a battle cry that is as destructive as it is intimidating.

The concussive blast released by the horns impairs the senses and paralyzes anyone caught below the Walker, leaving them vulnerable to fire from the secondary turret of the crushing forces of the crouching Darkwalker itself.

UT3_viper_250x125The Viper is the fastest moving vehicle on any battlefield. The Viper is lightly armored and somewhat less agile than similar Axon counterparts, but it compensates for this with one of the most destructive attacks of all Necris vehicles. It can literally launch itself at a target, converting all its momentum and power into a single armor-penetrating impact.

As the Viper rises into the air, two articulated stabilizers unfurl to reveal the anti-gravity fuel cell that controls vehicle movement. It momentarily hovers while it locks on to a target, then simultaneously ejects its pilot and launches itself forward with fully destructive intention.

Its conventional armament includes front-mounted cannons that launch spheres of rebounding plasmid energy. They are not particularly lethal, but their high rate of fire and ability to ricochet around corners makes them effective nevertheless.